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by:SKP     2020-03-04
For the operators of outdoor square amusement equipment, this is a great business opportunity. The new ATV has become the new favorite of the square. The electric simulation ATV looks very atmospheric, with cool shapes, lights and music, it is especially loved by children. The Square electric ATV is suitable for children of all ages to play. It can take an adult and a child to operate the square electric ATV, because the rent is cheap, the area is small, no storefront is needed, the investment is small, the income is fast, and it is a cash business, there is no debt, and the economic benefits are very good, so many people began to switch to invest in the Plaza amusement business. ATV product parameters battery 20A two, can last 5 hours, weight 45KG bearing 100KG bidirectional adjustment speed, stepless speed change, laser light, paving light, LED light. The battery uses two pieces of Chaowei 12V20A! 1. Metal hub: thickened vacuum tire, wear-resistant, dungeon-catching, friction-resistant, and strong handling. 2. Lengthened hydraulic shock absorption: bold shock absorption design to improve ride comfort and comfort. 3. Anti-collision guardrail: to prevent accidents, can effectively ensure that the car is not damaged. There are many entertainment facilities in the amusement park, so it is necessary to make rational use of space, so how to place entertainment equipment? For some very popular children's amusement facilities, or just the introduction of children's amusement facilities, managers will put these amusement facilities in conspicuous places, which will increase the popularity of entertainment facilities, it can also provide new entertainment facilities for tourists. The scenic spot takes amusement parks as an example. The flow of entertainment venues is large. The amusement parks are located at the ticket offices. In addition, they also have good effects in public amusement parks. 4. Radar lights cool colorful LED lights: cool lights, multiple bulbs, strong lighting, plastic lampshade protection, bulbs are safer.
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