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by:SKP     2020-02-18
Electric hippocampus Beibei bumper car wholesale, electric hippocampus Beibei bumper car amusement equipment the design inspiration of hippocampus Beibei bumper car comes from the classic Volkswagen hippocampus Beibei car shape, exaggerated wheel fender, cartoon front face design, the gentle and round front and rear gears, cute headlights, etc. , all make people feel like driving a cartoon version of the Volkswagen seahorse Beibei convertible! The seat design with a width of 60 cm fully takes into account the comfort of the double ride. The semi-enclosed seat improves the safety of the product, the seat slowly collapses, and the center of gravity is reduced, it makes the occupant feel more wrapped and safe when riding, and reduces the impact on the human body when the vehicle collides. Anti-skid design is provided at the seat and foot, which enables the occupant and the vehicle to generate greater friction when the vehicle collides and ensures the safety of the rider. Product Size: 158*80*145 package size: 160*85*148 travel speed: 0- 100 m/min stepless speed regulation equipment weight: 60KG load: 150KG brake configuration: Electronic Brake, stop at loose feet control mode: manual start remote control Start product color: red, green, blue, Yellow control configuration: three generations of intelligent controller battery voltage display music configuration: fixed Music MP3 music matching motor: 350W brushless motor matching battery: 12V32AH-2 battery life: 180-240 minutes
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