New indoor amusement equipment bumper car seahorse Beibei, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-18
Parameter configuration of hippocampus Beibei: Size: 158*80*145 Weight: 150 load: 350 motor: W gear brushless motor controller: generation intelligent controller brake: Electronic Brake, start: no delay, soft start, battery: 32A * 2 (Chaowei) Shell: Engineering Integrated forming luminous shell, colored lights: colorful lights of the whole car color: red, yellow, blue and green children's indoor amusement equipment in the process of operation, in order to attract more passengers to come and play, and greatly improve people's interest in playing, guide everyone to play a project and want to play the second and third, and wish to play all the amusement projects once, the placement of amusement equipment is very important. When placing it, attention should be paid to the allocation of distance and space, neither too wide nor too crowded, nowadays, battery bumper cars, children's battery bumper cars, and double battery bumper cars are more popular on the market. The full set of battery bumper cars is also relatively cheaper, and the cost of investment is relatively small. And the venue for electric bumper cars is easier to choose, both indoor and outdoor. For friends who want to invest in bumper cars but don't want to invest too much, battery bumper cars are a good choice.
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