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by:SKP     2020-02-18
The robot pedal is a kind of walking amusement equipment for people to ride. The robot can walk continuously for more than 4 hours by putting on beautiful clothes and charging the robot with a storage battery as energy, the robot rides and walks in the same shape as a real person. Depending on the model, the load is 100---Between 150. Plush can be replaced, the robot can turn freely, and the steering is operated by the steering wheel, which is simple, light, safe and comfortable! Specifications: 150*85*100 load---Speed between 150 :(80 m-120)/Minute timer: 1- 10 minutes, let you change the timing counter at any time: can count 100 thousand times, can not be pulled back, easy to manage remote control: Remote control start power supply within 50 meters (Optional)Flash, Light: A Machine 30 flash (LED lamp) Motor: 250W Taiwan joint venture, all-alloy geared motor, large torque, long service life, small power consumption battery: 12V36A 12V47A 12V60A Jiangfan battery, one charge, ordinary use, continuous work for about 4 hours, the specific use time is subject to the actual use time. Music: intelligent voice MP3, with more than 30 classic songs looping, you can also download it yourself. Charger: 12V intelligent charger. Related links: inflatable battery car cover robot car plush animal battery car inflatable trampoline slide
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