New Square Children's battery bumper car, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-18
1. Scope of use: shopping centers, parks, squares, scenic spots, amusement parks 2. The tiger cow bumper car is powered by two 12V20A batteries (Real super power battery)Long battery life. 3. Haibei Tiger cow bumper car uses brushless motor to mute, has long service life, wear-resistant tires and reliable quality. 4. Haibei Tiger cow bumper car uses polyurethane environmental protection anti-collision strip, 5. The Haibei Tiger cow bumper car has three-dimensional sound effects and bright LED lights. Shopping Tips: 1. The company's products are produced by its own factory, quality assurance, pictures have the original picture, like the customer to see the style can contact: see the goods, to ensure product details, product quality. Our factory has very strict requirements on product quality. Before each shipment, we must pass the inspection and debug various details to ensure that the products are correct before shipment. 2. Because the product is a large object freight, the difference between the locations is large. In order to avoid damage during transportation, the packaging is reinforced. The cost is based on the size of the goods and the transportation distance, if there is a need, you can pay in advance. The freight requirements are strict. Please sign for it in front of the logistics personnel to see if it is damaged. The objects are large. Please refuse to sign for it because the logistics company is damaged during transportation.
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