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by:SKP     2020-02-13
At present, the popular development modes of amusement park equipment are different, and the characteristics and slight differences of amusement products, but these theme parks show similar trends in the essential direction of product forms, that is, more emphasis is placed on the situational, thematic and dynamic design of the landscape; The participation, interactivity and experience of amusement products; As well as the integration of different tourism performances such as short scenes with rich cultural connotations, zero-distance interactive performances, and fixed-point theme performances. What are the new development trends in the future playground business model? 1. The novelty of interest is enhanced and virtual reality technology will be introduced. No matter what age, rural or urban, and age, people's travel is always accompanied by a demand of 'early adopters, Chasing novelty, and exploring new things'. Therefore, through the application of science and technology, creating an environment that people have never heard of and have never seen before in the theme amusement will be more attractive and will go to experience. The universal application of high technology to create new and unique landscapes and experience projects will be a trend that theme park products should pay attention to in the future. For example, through audio-visual equipment, sensing technology, electronic simulation technology and various physics principles, scenes such as violent storms, Jungle Exploration, interstellar roaming, and black hole adventures are imitated, let people experience the experience of virtual reality, which is usually not felt; Or use the principles of physics to create a dynamic sculpture landscape that can change with the wind or suspend in the air, increasing the visibility and novelty of the project. 2. Amusement facilities have changed from partial stimulation to family participation and entertaining. Since the development of theme parks, most of them have met people's demand for 'Thriller-Stimulation- Thrilling 'demand, unable to get involved in human beings, or the mystery of the mysterious ancient or unpredictable future world appeals to the market. This is the theme of a different division of an amusement park. 'Atlantis district-Lost Maya district-Shangri-La district, etc. , it can be seen. However, with the arrival of an aging society, the increase of traditional holidays and the increase of cultural demand for mass tourism, this paper holds that the future amusement projects will be more inclined to the 'edutainment' type of family travel. The increase in traditional holidays brings more possibilities to family travel. With the adjustment of the national holiday system that began in 2008, traditional festivals such as Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival have increased, which has changed the Travel Characteristics of tourists, and the proportion of family reunion and travel has increased. At present, in the proportion of tourists' travel in theme parks, the proportion of family travel is basically 10%- Between 20%, the proportion of family trips during the traditional holidays of Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival is significantly higher, reaching 30%. Therefore, for the future product selection of theme parks, they should be more inclined to educational and family-friendly projects, such as Carousel, bumper cars and other moderate amusement facilities suitable for all ages, as well as special effects performances, funny performances, animal acrobatics, circus and other interesting performance projects.
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