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by:SKP     2020-02-20
Children's water amusement facilities are approaching in midsummer, and swimming and water swimming, a popular leisure and entertainment project, is naturally favored. Children's Fun Park amusement equipment manufacturers hereby remind them, in summer, I recommend some precautions when swimming in the bracket swimming pool: A. Bring your own swimming equipment. When going to the support swimming pool or other water recreation world entertainment facilities, it is best to bring your own swimming equipment, as far as possible do not alternate with others or public swimming equipment, to avoid skin diseases such as accidental infection. B. Choose a good swimming pool. Under normal circumstances, a faint smell of chlorine can be smelled on the side of the bracket swimming pool. If the residual chlorine in the bracket pool is too much, it will give off a strong irritating taste, and if the residual chlorine is too low, it will not smell. Just a touch. B. Swimming comfort. Although swimming can shape the body, exercise the body, and promote physical and mental health, it should be appropriate. Excessive cold swimming may lead to fatigue, listlessness, and poor appetite. D. Before and after entering the pool. Before entering the bracket swimming pool, do a warm-up exercise to move the tibia to avoid cramps. After leaving the pool, take a bath in time to ensure the cleanliness of the body skin. F, children need to pay attention. Children are naughty and lively in nature. Adults must take care of them when playing in the swimming pool to avoid accidents and raise safety awareness!
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