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by:SKP     2020-02-06
After the weather gradually became cold, more and more people began to operate children's inflatable trampoline. Because of its low requirements on the venue, it can be seen in shopping malls, squares, and community gates, in fact, the inflatable trampoline of the business fire, if you want to seize the time, the business will be on fire. To call it time? Holidays: Holidays are time. Parents are busy working at ordinary times, children are busy going to school, and there is less time to play. Holidays are different, parents can also temporarily take the busy work and go out to play with the children. Whether it is to the park or the playground, the colorful and chic inflatable trampoline will attract the children, and the holiday inflatable trampoline is very hot. Weekend: two days on weekends is very suitable for short-term travel around. Now children's education is paying more and more attention to the combination of quality education and work and rest. Keeping at home and writing homework is no longer a way for parents to educate their children, after studying hard for a week, the children always have to relax properly. The two-day break on weekends has also become a good time for the inflatable castle business, basically starting from Friday night, the square near the community began to be lively, and it was very satisfactory to seize these two days. Around 8: 00 p. m. : This period of time every day is time for leisure and entertainment. After busy, leisure activities are concentrated in this period of time. Adults chat and watch plays to relax their bodies and minds, children need to release their playful nature. Although it is only a few hours, it is a good period of operation.
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