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by:SKP     2020-02-04
Now there are more and more customers who operate amusement equipment, so is it good to choose a good industry? It is equally important to choose the right equipment. So what products and equipment are suitable for the playground? What kind of amusement equipment do you choose? Operators generally think from their own standpoint, choose products, and choose when they look good. This is one-sided. After all, we are doing amusement equipment, and of course we have different eyes. First of all, operators should consider the age of consumer groups according to their own venues and have a simple plan for their own venues. How to choose the right amusement equipment? Operators should comprehensively consider the situation of the local amusement equipment market, choose suitable products according to the crowd, and then consider who the customer is? Customers are the parents of their children. Parents first consider safety. For example, children under the age of 12 are fashionable and have good interaction. Children will like them, such as castles, track trains, and other equipment, amusement equipment is not expensive or good, but suitable is good. How much is it appropriate to invest in amusement equipment? In the early stage, you can invest a few less equipment. When the equipment is placed, it is slightly scattered to make it look like a lot of equipment. See the effect on the selection of products. This not only reduces our first investment cost, but also makes customers feel that our equipment has been changing, which is more interesting and more conducive to the later development of the playground.
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