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by:SKP     2020-02-24
The Outward Bound training team experienced the jigsaw puzzle. After finishing the game and reading the task, they understood the rules of the game. Looking back at the process of the game, they were really leaderless and scattered, and the result was very miserable. As a leader who does not play a role, it will really fail. . First, as a leader, we must be responsible for the shoulders. You have a great role to play. Only when you shoulder the responsibility can you lead a team to success. Second, for individuals, they should be brave to sacrifice. When they encounter team matters, they should put aside their personal interests to achieve themselves. Third, friendship, for the companion to pay their own sincerity, can help, stretch out their hands, add a warmth to the group. Fourth, communication, we must clarify their respective responsibilities and cooperate with other people's work. Fifth, the details must not be afraid of slow work, seemingly slow but fast. We must believe that there are solutions to everything, and the methods are always more difficult. Nothing is difficult as long as Ken climb. What seems impossible is not something that cannot be completed. As long as you are willing to sell your steps and thank those who give us great faith, nothing can't be done.
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