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by:SKP     2020-02-25
At the moment of the New Year's Day, major businesses have made great moves at the end of the year, 'Double 12 violence promotion ', 'Triple offers are the lowest over the years', 'seconds kill the lowest price', 'full reduction activities are strong' and so on, and even some fancy offers 'kill' consumers by surprise, the road is quite 'Wild '. In the face of the impact of the competitive market, amusement equipment operators are in urgent need of skills at the end of the year. Big discounts can attract consumers' attention to a certain extent, especially when the brand has accumulated a certain degree of user loyalty, and the big discounts at the end of the year can let more consumers know about the preferential strength of major businesses, there is only one foot away from consumption! And how to catalyze and boost this foot is the final skill for the performance at the end of the year! Keeping up with the trend, cross-industry cooperation and win-win although the flow of people during the Spring Festival is large, consumers will not concentrate on a business center, which requires strong alliances between major businesses. Amusement facilities attract customers' attention by their own cool lights, but there is still a certain distance from consumption. If it is combined with some large catering merchants into a consumer package, the free experience can attract people to a certain extent, thus standing out in a group of competing merchants. At the same time, the consumption of people attracted by the flow of people and novelty can be transformed again, and the cooperation between different industries will win.
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