Pirate ship amusement equipment to comply with Enron's face-to-face matters- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-21
Staring at the good test of the pass mark. According to the national regulations, the cycle of regular training with amusement machines and amusement action modes is one year. For amusement action modes that have passed the training from beginning to end, the quality supervision department will issue the identification form and flag of the training pass, and paste it in the competent place of the amusement action mode. Passengers should not take the amusement action mode that has not been checked, honed different situations or has not been checked for a long time. Staring at the ride. It is installed in the capable places of pirate ship amusement equipment'Notice to passengers' , To browse carefully before riding, do not climb over the fence. Before taking the flight, the passengers must be outside the fence. When there are many people, they must line up and not cross the fence. Children should be accompanied by parents. It is forbidden for children to be lonely and helpless. Follow the staff to provoke. Passengers are up and down according to the order of the employees. When getting on and off the bus, please stare at your head and feet to prevent bumps or bumps. Staring at the belt. Don't grab the pirate ship's amusement equipment before it stops. Fasten it properly when riding. Check whether it is safe and trustworthy. Please hold the handle tightly or disassemble it safely when running, the safety belt can never be untied. Do not extend the body part out of the cabin. When the passengers take the ride action mode, sit in the right position on the seat, do not crawl, and do not extend the limbs and the superior parts to the outside of the cabin to prevent bruises, scratches and bruises. Do not swing the cockpit with your heart. It is strictly forbidden for passengers to open the door. Don't stand up for photography. During the operation of the pirate ship amusement equipment, it is not allowed to stand or squat at will, and it is forbidden to take photos during operation. Gaze to keep your own items. During operation, you should keep your own items properly, and do not scatter or throw them outward. Please take them off in advance. Don't be alarmed when it happens suddenly. In the operation of the amusement action mode, when there are obstacles such as power outages, do not get off the bus before the workers tell, only the best in the cabin is the best, and the crisis is alms. For more information, pay attention to Qiyuan art public number
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