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by:SKP     2020-02-02
After a day's rest, it is the first day of the week. No matter how you think about the first day, it should be full of joy everywhere, but yesterday, when I passed by the indoor amusement park in the mall, I passively heard a treasure mother. 'Baby loves to play tea party '. At that time, my professional curiosity prompted me to stand there quietly and listen to the worries of mothers that children's amusement equipment is too attractive to children. Just as the treasure moms complained, everyone began to chatter with a word. An older treasure mother said, 'are the children too greedy for amusement equipment, how much does this cost? ? ? 'We all know that the current social economy has brought most people a rich and well-fed life. With the increase of wages, people are more and more fond of living in four-square isolated land. More and more land is covered with cement, and more and more extracurricular time is replaced by tutoring courses. We let the children follow our social atmosphere and cultivate their living habits, but the children are originally a flawless jade, but they just like to let them have the fullness and magnificence of amber. What do parents do for their children's playing on children's amusement equipment? 1. Outside the playground, I have been shouting at the child in an anxious tone. There is a urging call: next time I will definitely let you stay here all day, let's first. . . . 3. 'Mom, I want to play. ' 'Don't waste money. ' 4. Waiting silently in the field, greeting the children from time to time 5, beach cars, bumper cars, electric cars, etc. A parent accompanied a parent to take pictures, and the children who played were very happy, the children who watched were quickly taken away by their parents . . . . . . The fast-developing society has made children excessively trapped indoors. They cannot vent their various psychology and curiosity during their growth. We have deprived them of the opportunity to embrace nature, just protect them and release their true wishes. SKP company is a source manufacturer of amusement equipment. The starting point of our production and design of children's amusement equipment is to bring children the childlike world they should have in the utilitarian social comparison everywhere. How many children now like to stay at home and watch iPad, and like to squat in front of TV to watch animations with no scenery. When we were young, we were still able to be naughty in the woods and fields, just because the development of the separatist regime took the natural conditions, we came into being with the heart of protecting innocence to design and produce many children's amusement equipment and design and plan amusement venues that symbolize beauty and divergence. From the child's psychological point of view, we hope that the child's world will not be polluted by our social habits. We know we are good enough, but we are afraid that we are not good enough. When we are afraid that something fresher will appear, you will look away. So even if it is one in 100,000 possible, I will work harder to be the best choice for you to release your innocence.
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