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by:SKP     2020-02-02
Children's inflatable castle electricity instructions: first, the design function of the square children's inflatable castle equipment electrical system must meet the needs of the operation control and safety protection of the amusement facilities, and meet the requirements of normal use under local environmental conditions. Second, the grounding type of the low-voltage power distribution system of the square children's inflatable castle equipment shall adopt TN-S system; Electrical equipment metal shell and uncharged metal structure must be reliably grounded; Third, the protection repeated grounding resistance of low-voltage distribution system is not more than 10 ohms; The design and construction of grounding devices should comply with the provisions of 'grounding design code for industrial and civil power installations; Fourth, the insulation resistance between the live circuit and the ground should not be less than 1M ohm. Amusement facilities with a height of more than 15m shall be equipped with lightning protection devices. The lightning protection devices must be connected reliably and their grounding resistance shall not exceed 10 ohms. Five, square children's inflatable castle equipment should not be set in the high voltage overhead transmission and distribution line channel, such as setting must obtain the consent of the local power management department. To be on the safe side, please keep in mind and observe the safety of electricity when using the inflatable castle.
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