Precautions for safe use of bumper cars in the square, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-01
The bumper car in the square is a kind of amusement facility that is very popular with everyone. However, because the main group of bumper cars is children, parents should pay attention to all matters needing attention when using them, tell the children to ride safely. The editor will introduce to you what matters should be paid special attention to when riding and installing these bumper cars in the square! Safety signs for bumper cars in the Square: 1. The number of passengers must be marked, and overloading is strictly prohibited. 2. The bumper car in the square should be equipped with eye-catching safety signs in necessary places and parts. Safety signs are divided into prohibited signs (Red), Warning signs (Yellow), Instruction mark (Blue), Prompt mark (Green)Four types. 3. In the uneven zone where the bumper car passes through the square, the containment surface should be made of materials that are not easy to fall off, and the decorations should be fixed firmly. 4. Where passengers can reach, exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous protrusions are not allowed. Installation Standards for bumper cars in the Square: 1. Bumper cars should not be set at speeds exceeding 2 m/min, and heights exceeding 1 meter should be set at 2. The design function of the bumper car electrical system must meet the needs of the operation control and safety protection of the bumper car facilities, and meet the requirements of normal use under local environmental conditions. The amusement factory of SKP company has the strength of advanced design and precision production, innovation and innovation, exquisite material selection, novel design, fine workmanship, high quality and low price, durability, safety and reliability, strong entertainment and other characteristics are favored by the majority of users.
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