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by:SKP     2020-01-22
There are many kinds of indoor children's amusement equipment, but since the quotation of each equipment manufacturer is different, it is recommended that everyone conduct on-the-spot investigation, today, SKP company's children's park will give you a brief explanation of the price of a complete set of indoor children's amusement equipment. What is the price of indoor children's amusement equipment? How much does a complete set of amusement equipment generally cost? According to the market trend, indoor children's amusement equipment can be divided into three types: traditional naughty Fort, static equipment, with relatively low cost but not strong interactivity; The electric naughty Fort equipment has a limited age group and the cost of the electric naughty Fort is relatively high; The interactive playground equipment is a combination of dynamic and static, which mainly reflects the combination of teaching and entertainment, and the equipment has a high safety factor. Once purchased, it will be once and for all. The general types of equipment are: Waterfall slide, pirate ship sand pool, balloon house, trampoline, bubble Hall, small train, time tunnel, Zhiyong big pass, building house, fishing pool, Maze and other equipment. However, the popularity of naughty Castle is still a little worse. The general price of naughty Castle is generally 400- 1000 per square meter, SKP company is carefully designed according to the site provided by the customer and then quoted, which is more accurate, but the premise is what you want to do, if you want to make a bigger site with more equipment, the price will naturally be higher. What is the price of indoor children's amusement equipment? How much does a complete set of amusement equipment generally cost? We can also plan the site and make design drawings according to the number of equipment in naughty Castle. For example, a 200 m²-square-meter indoor children's amusement park needs 14 to 200 thousand-square-meter equipment to be able to handle it. If the site is relatively small, if you invest less equipment, the price will be much lower. This depends on how you choose! To do a good job in fund accounting, we should think about the age of children of the primary customers, which is 0-6 years old or 3- The 10-year-old is very important, and there are few amusement projects, lacking competitiveness and innovation, which is not conducive to the profitability of customers. Such as octopus, Treasure Boat, hamster ball, electric swing, electric swivel chair, animal horse, pedal electronic piano, mini turntable, sandbag boat, water bed, water slide, shaking climbing frame, water roller, coconut tree, electric plane wait, the deployment of the corresponding theme is very attractive. According to the accounting and investment situation, in fact, there are relatively many manufacturers of children's amusement equipment, but don't choose them at will and advocate on-the-spot investigation. In general, a 100-square-meter indoor children's amusement park will require an investment of 6- The equipment of 150 thousand yuan can be completed, but each customer's place is different, so Qiyuan is based on the detailed scale and shape of the customer's place, according to the customer's own requirements, then the professional planners use the vision to plan, and strive to reach the perfect planning, which can be better used in practice. What is the quotation for indoor children's amusement equipment? How much does a complete set of amusement equipment generally cost? After the selection of children's amusement equipment, you can contact the appropriate manufacturers according to the budget. There are more manufacturers of children's amusement equipment in the market, but don't choose at will. It is recommended to conduct on-the-spot investigations, to choose a reputable manufacturer, you can take a look at the SKP company children's park.
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