Profitable methods for operating children's amusement equipment- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-19
Many customers operate children's amusement equipment profit is to collect tickets profit, this is the most common profit idea, but how to let the resources in hand play the maximum role, earn the maximum profit? What is the profit of 100 square meters naughty Castle in one year? 1. Regular operation, selling tickets. The price can be determined according to the size of the venue and the surrounding consumption situation, with a single charge of 30- 60, through the number of people, the number of people to increase profits. 2. Membership system. After calculating the single fee, recharge it to the member in the form of a discount. For example, a single 30 yuan, ten cards 270 yuan. The advantage is that it can quickly recover funds and lock in customer consumption. 3. Advertising fees. A set of large-scale amusement equipment is placed there. Some advertisements can be hung on the equipment and charged according to the size of the area. If there is a large flow of people around, I believe many enterprises are willing to cooperate in advertising. 4. Group purchase. Directly cooperate with kindergartens and educational institutions, and they sell tickets to a certain percentage, so that both parties are satisfied with the way, and some people are willing to try. 5. Cross-industry cooperation. Cooperate with some shops with promotional needs, and customers can receive tickets as much as they spend in the store. For example, if you spend over 200 plus 10, you will get tickets worth 30 yuan. This piece needs to be discussed according to the situation, and the benefits of both parties can be discussed in detail.
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