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by:SKP     2020-01-29
Haibei Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. currently employs more than 200 people and has a production line with advanced technology in the world; At the same time, Haibei Amusement Company designs, develops and processes products for other domestic amusement equipment companies. With professional team, rigorous management and excellent equipment, Guangzhou SKP company Amusement Co. , Ltd. strives to build SKP company brand inflatable castle, inflatable rock climbing, naughty Castle, Swing Machine and series of amusement equipment brand toys. As an expert in amusement equipment, Haibei amusement equipment, which 'shows its entertainment charm', is passionate, shows its extraordinary, innovative and enterprising spirit, it has formed a flexible design language for Haibei amusement. The inclusive and versatile style of taking advantage of the strengths of the masses, the perfect combination of traditional culture and modern amusement, forming the extraordinary personality and style of Haibei amusement. Amusement Equipment and disseminator-- 'SKP company' is constantly creating a new culture of amusement equipment. Inflatable castles and trampoline products are mostly equipped with more exciting items, and these items are made of inflatable products, so the safety is very guaranteed, in terms of rock climbing, even if you climb to the top and fall down, there is an air cushion underneath, which will not cause harm to the child. However, this kind of safety guarantee can give children inspiration from their childhood psychology, so as to encourage them to have a stronger courage to seek stimulation. The reason why you choose our sea times: Baby sports benefits a lot. Stimulate the baby's potential; Stimulate the baby's brain nerve development, improve the baby's IQ and EQ, and promote the baby's multi-faceted perception. 2. Stimulate baby development; Stimulate the baby's bone marrow, joints, ligaments, muscles and other comprehensive development. Promote the baby's bones to be strong. 3. Promote baby digestion; Promote baby's digestive function, lung function, etc. , exercise more to promote metabolism and promote nutrition absorption. 4. Enhance immunity; The baby enhances lung development, vital capacity and immune function during the arrival of the goods.
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