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by:SKP     2020-02-09
News is available every day. You should eat melons in the front row. Yu Yan, a senior industry, will observe for you in front of you. You will never miss the big events in the industry and come to see them quickly. There are many types of bumper cars in the market, but according to the latest amusement equipment data research center, the sales data of SKP company's amusement equipment bumper cars show that the performance of various brands of square bumper cars in the market is quite different, among the glass fiber reinforced plastic bumper cars currently on sale, the brand with the highest sales volume is SKP company's royal carriage bumper car. By the end of October 2019, SKP company had sold about 20 thousand bumper cars ( Note: the sum of the royal carriage bumper car and the engineering bumper car). On May 2020, the 6th world Zhongshan Amusement Exhibition Conference opened in Zhongshan, Guangdong. Covering intelligent control bumper cars, coin-operated bumper cars, game machines, artillery parks, bullets, fuel-fired big beach cars, square Electric beach cars, and other hot-selling bumper cars. 【The future of these black Technologies is worth looking forward] 1 Royal carriage bumper car: front and rear equipped with anti-collision radar, front and rear obstacles, the car will automatically stop the alarm, etc. , 2 scan code start: The car scan code Payment start, micro new Alipay can scan the code to start the car, after the payment is completed, the car will automatically start. 3 remote collection: you only need to find someone to watch the car, as long as you maintain it.
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