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by:SKP     2020-02-09
The 2019 new royal carriage bumper car was unveiled, with a brushless motor and 4 20-cell batteries. This realistic Royal carriage bumper car is very popular in the square. The royal carriage has a simulated sound. Children's play can increase the children's puzzle. The royal carriage is vivid and very eye-catching, attracting the attention of the crowd. It can take 4 people, the royal carriage bumper car produced by Guangzhou Haibei amusement adopts a new thickened glass fiber reinforced plastic material, which is fun and interesting, wear-resistant and collision-resistant. The battery adopts a well-known national brand-- Chaowei battery, with stronger endurance, can use 3-About 5 hours. No longer have to worry about the battery power is not enough! Moreover, this royal carriage bumper car has colored lights, music and can control the driving time of the car. Its operation and management are very convenient. The royal carriage bumper car is a new amusement car, which can rotate and drift 360 degrees and attract more children! We really hope that everyone can have their own children's amusement market. Not only can this children's tank bumper car be operated, but also more tank bumper cars that can be used for children's amusement are really great equipment. Our children's play product is really able to come with us to get more equipment to get their own unanimous recognition. Very good products and equipment to have their own opinions and hopes. everyone can understand it. In the initial stage of ordering amusement equipment royal carriage, be sure to go to the production workshop of the amusement equipment Royal carriage equipment manufacturer to go on a field trip to see if the amusement equipment Royal carriage manufacturer has real production strength, if we tell you that our factory is far away, it is not here. Then you 'd better not consider this company any more, because it may be a leather bag company. In general, a manufacturer of amusement equipment, royal carriage, the office and the factory are all together. One is to facilitate the communication of information between office staff and factory work, and the other is to facilitate customers to visit the factory directly; Of course, there are also some other situations. For example, due to the national policy, the factory can only be re-suburban, and in order to facilitate the reception of customer offices, it will be re-urban.
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