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by:SKP     2020-02-09
Hey, hey, hey. . . . . . Handsome Boy debut--- Royal carriage royal carriage is a new high-end amusement equipment newly launched by SKP company Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. in 2019. Once the carriage is listed, it has won the favor of operators and consumers from all over the world, now the order of the carriage is really in short supply, and the daily shipment is continuous. It is really busy with the workers in the workshop. It is not easy to sweat every day in such hot weather. One amusement project can help a family out of poverty, several amusement projects can achieve a person's life, and dozens of amusement projects can create an enterprise. The amusement industry is a real sunrise enterprise, especially small and medium-sized amusement projects with vitality and potential. Come on! Friends, let's help each other, work together, share together, achieve our dreams in the amusement industry, and realize the highest value of our life. The royal carriage uses a brushless motor and four 20A batteries. This realistic Royal carriage bumper car is very popular in the square. The royal carriage has a simulated sound. Children's play can increase the children's puzzle. The royal carriage is vivid and very eye-catching, attracting the attention of the crowd. It can take 4 people, the royal carriage produced by Guangzhou Haibei amusement adopts a new thickened glass fiber reinforced plastic material, which is fun and interesting, wear-resistant and collision-resistant. The battery adopts a well-known national brand-- Chaowei battery, with stronger endurance, can use 3-About 5 hours. No longer have to worry about the battery power is not enough! Moreover, this royal carriage bumper car has colored lights, music and can control the driving time of the car. Its operation and management are very convenient. The royal carriage is a new amusement car that can rotate and drift 360 degrees and is deeply loved by children and adults. Royal carriage configuration: Size: 220 ~ 100 ~ 110 mass: 150kg load: 200kg shell: reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic, weather-resistant automotive paint. Motor: 48 sets of brushless gears high efficiency 500 watts motor controller: 3 generations of LCD 48 sets of brushless 500 watts controller battery: chaowei 20A * 4 brake: high efficiency electronic brake, stop lights when loose feet: colorful lights and neon high-profile reflective strips tires: high-efficiency wear-resistant rubber anti-burst tires color: Phnom Penh color bumper: GB 50 stainless steel tube start-up system: remote control key double start-up time setting: 1- 60 Minutes random timing anti-collision: front and back are equipped with anti-collision radar
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