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by:SKP     2020-02-03
Amusement Equipment trampoline park has been very popular recently. The emergence of new amusement projects has been a hit. Many investors are excited by the tourists, but if you want to make money, you still have to do business with repeat customers, what problems should we pay attention to in the operation of trampoline park? Practice real knowledge, only you personally join in this industry to learn more information, the following small series will summarize several successful cases of trampoline paradise, for everyone to sum up three rules. First, it is necessary to select the core address in the crowd center, that is, more popular, there are customers in the heart, and there is a good attitude and good service to customers. Parents and children are the foundation for the survival and development of the store, the starting point and the end point. Whether a trampoline paradise can be done well or not depends on details, culture and the number of clients. All the concepts about amusement park equipment service are based on having enough service objects and taking good service to them as the core. Second, the details determine success or failure, pay attention to details. This is the basis for the operation of the parent-child Paradise store and the key to the store's persistence in the children's paradise industry. If the service details are not done well, customers will be lost, and the final result will be closed. Why do you want to talk about details instead of services, management, systems, marketing, etc? That is because fine energy saving reflects the strength and concentration of a trampoline paradise service. Details need real materials. Although details are often easy to understand, they are easily ignored by the managers of playground equipment. Third, the competitiveness is still soft power, and the playground equipment has cultural characteristics to make a profit. Culture is the driving force for the sustainable development of trampoline. Without corporate culture, the brand of parent-child paradise and the small stores of parent-child paradise will be eliminated. Culture is a relatively broad concept. Every parent-child paradise has it, but it refers to a personalized and colorful culture. It is the corporate culture of amusement equipment stores and a management culture. Because of the broad and Nihility of culture, it will also be ignored by many pragmatic managers.
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