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by:SKP     2020-02-11
Inflatable battery car amusement facilities: refers to the facilities used for business purposes, operating in a closed area, carrying tourists. With the development of science and the progress of society, modern amusement machines and amusement facilities have made full use of advanced technologies such as machinery, electricity, light, sound, water and force, it integrates knowledge, fun, science and danger, and is widely loved by the majority of young people and children. It has played a positive role in enriching people's entertainment life, exercising people's physique, cultivating people's sentiment, and beautifying the urban environment. Types of amusement facilities. There are many kinds of modern amusement facilities, and there are various structures and sports types. The specifications vary greatly, and the appearance and shape are different. At present, amusement facilities are divided into 13 categories according to sports characteristics, namely: horse-rotating class, taxi class, gyro class, flight Tower class, racing car class, automatic control aircraft class, viewing car class, small train class, overhead tour bus class, photoelectric shooting class, water amusement facilities, bumper car class, battery car class, etc, there are 15 main standards. Safe use of amusement facilities. Amusement must be safe and safe. Attention should be paid when using amusement facilities: 1. Pay attention to the safety inspection mark: according to the national regulations, the regular inspection period for the amusement machines and amusement facilities is one year. All the amusement facilities that have passed the safety inspection, the quality and technical supervision department shall issue the safety inspection qualification mark and paste it on the eye-catching place of the amusement facilities. Visitors should not take the amusement facilities that have not been inspected, unqualified or overdue. 2. Pay attention to the ride notice: the 'passenger notice' is installed in the eye-catching place of the amusement facilities. Read it carefully before riding. Do not climb over the fence. Passengers must wait outside the safety fence before taking the flight. When there are many people, they must queue up and must not cross the fence. 3. Children should be accompanied by parents: children are not allowed to take rides alone. 4. Obey the command of the service personnel: passengers follow the command order of the staff. When getting on and off the bus, please pay attention to your head and feet to avoid bumping or falling. 5. pay attention to fasten the seat belt: Don't grab the seat belt before the amusement facilities are stopped. Fasten the seat belt when riding. Check whether it is safe and reliable. Please hold the safety handle or other safety devices with both hands during operation, the seat belt must not be untied. 6. do not extend body parts out of the cabin: when passengers take rides, sit in the right posture on the seats, do not walk, and do not extend hands, feet, heads, etc. to the outside of the cabin, in order to avoid bruises, scratches and bruises. Do not deliberately shake the cockpit, and passengers are strictly forbidden to open the door privately. 7. Do not stand and take photos: during the operation of the amusement facilities, do not stand or squat at will, and do not allow photos to be taken during operation. 8. Pay attention to keeping your own items: during operation, you should keep your own items properly, do not scatter, throw, easily drop decorations, etc. , please take them off in advance. 9. don't panic when an accident occurs: when the amusement facilities are in operation and there is a power outage, don't get off the bus until the staff has notified. Only the cabin is the safest, waiting for emergency rescue. 10. Be careful when riding a racing car or kart: do not wear a coat, a long scarf, long hair or a long braid when riding a racing car or Kart, otherwise it is dangerous. 11. Water entertainment should prevent accidents: in the surrounding Pool and the wave pool, be careful not to extend your head to the suction port and the water spray port to prevent accidents. 12. Pay attention to safety when playing with the water slide: it is strictly prohibited to stand, squat or face down on the slide; It is forbidden for two people to slide down at the same time or immediately in the same slide; Leave quickly after entering the water to avoid collision. Related links: inflatable battery car cover children's inflatable battery car robot pedal inflatable trampoline slide
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