Safety precautions for amusement equipment after rainy days, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-01-27
Whether children's amusement equipment is safe or not has a great impact on us, especially after rain, it will become very important to check the safety of children's amusement equipment. After the rain, what should we do to check the children's amusement equipment and maintain the children's amusement equipment? What should be done to check and maintain the safety of children's amusement equipment after rain: after rainy days, do not rush to start up and run children's amusement equipment. We should wipe the children's play equipment first, and check whether all electrical appliances, electric cabinets, motors and wires are flooded, and whether the screws of each part of the children's play equipment machine are confined. If there is a part of the water, blow dry the water with a hair dryer, or wait until it is completely air-dried to ensure that all parts of the children's play equipment machine are dry and then run. Test the machine in advance to confirm that the children's amusement equipment machine can operate normally before starting business. In this way, the safe operation of children's amusement equipment can be ensured. The safety inspection and maintenance of children's amusement equipment are very important. We must pay attention to these so as to help us better manage children's amusement equipment.
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