Safety rules and industry news that children should pay attention to when playing amusement equipment-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-10
There are many people in the playground of children's amusement equipment. Children should pay special attention to safety when playing. Guardians must supervise children when playing and pay attention to safety rules: 1. When children play on climbing frames, slides, seesaws, swings and other children's amusement equipment, they cannot push others or play. 2, according to the normal operating procedures to move, such as slide, feet slide down, don't turn over from the outside railing to the slide, don't stand on the Swing Swing, etc. 3. If a child jumps off a child's amusement equipment, be sure to let the child see that there are no other children or objects in the middle of the road. When children jump, their feet touch the ground and their knees bend slightly. 4. Let the child remove the bicycle, backpack and other items from the equipment to prevent the child from tripping over these items while playing. 5. If the children's amusement equipment in the playground is wet, tell the children not to play, because the wet surface will make these equipment very slippery. 6. When children play in the activity venue, do not wear clothes with string or belt tether. String, backpack belt and necklace may be inadvertently hung on the instrument, causing danger. When children play children's amusement equipment, they must pay attention to urging their children to abide by these safety rules, otherwise it will affect their safety.
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