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by:SKP     2020-03-07
Investment budget for bumper cars of the same type- Nowadays, battery bumper cars, children's battery bumper cars, and double battery bumper cars are more popular on the market. The price of this type of battery bumper car is relatively cheaper, and the cost of investment is relatively small. And the venue for electric bumper cars is easier to choose, both indoor and outdoor. It is a good choice for friends who want to invest in bumper cars but don't want to invest too much. The full price of a battery bumper car used in the park is about six thousand yuan, and the price of an electric bumper car in the children's Square is about two thousand and five yuan. The second network bumper car is suitable for operating in a fixed site, because the full set price of the ground network bumper car is relatively slightly more expensive, because the external construction of the ground network bumper car is more troublesome, in addition, the laying of the floor, etc. , the new children's travel book is therefore a relatively large investment, the choice of equipment: Now the bumper car is mainly divided into two styles of the ground Net and the battery, these two styles not only have different investment costs, but also have different requirements for the venue, therefore, when we choose, we must choose a suitable one according to their different characteristics and then combined with our own situation. Royal carriage configuration table: Size: 220 ~ 100 ~ 110 mass: 150kg load: 200kg shell: reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic, weather-resistant automotive paint. Motor: 48 sets of brushless gears high efficiency 500 watts motor controller: 3 generations of LCD 48 sets of brushless 500 watts controller battery: chaowei 20A * 4 brake: high efficiency electronic brake, stop lights when loose feet: colorful lights and neon high-profile reflective strips tires: high-efficiency wear-resistant rubber anti-burst tires color: Phnom Penh color bumper: GB 50 stainless steel tube, start system: remote control key double start time setting: 1- 60 Minutes random timing anti-collision: front and back are equipped with anti-collision radar Mercedes-Benz police car parameters: the vehicle size is 155 long, 155 wide and 89 high, and the packing size is wide and high, 1 square, 250W brushless motor, 2 20A Chaowei batteries, 150 in weight, in weight, complete in basic configurations such as counting, timing, remote control, speed regulation, forward and backward, etc, siren sound effect, Shell engineering rotational material
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