Shocked! The reason for the poor business of operating amusement equipment is industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-01-27
In the process of operating amusement equipment and royal carriages, some amusement park operators feel that their business is worse than others, and even they are struggling to maintain it. What should they do? If you want to stand out from the predicament, you must first find out the cause of your predicament, and then adjust and improve it to finally solve the problem. Guangzhou SKP company Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. Xiaobian today to discuss the reasons for the poor business of amusement equipment. 'It is the governor, the situation is not detained '. Doing anything depends on hard work, not on environmental constraints. Operating amusement equipment in the same amusement park, the royal carriage can not only see the good business of others but can not see the sweat of the other party; Even if the position of others is better than their own, the starting point is higher than their own at most, and the impact of the environment can not be compared with their own diligence. Keep the amusement equipment clean and tidy, do maintenance and repair on time, do some monthly cards and promotional activities, and increase publicity efforts, which will definitely change the status quo. 'The psychology of the herd is not good, and it is unique '. Don't see others do what they do. It doesn't mean that others are not doing well, but it depends on why others do it. Good methods must of course be used for reference, but at the same time, many peers in the same place are doing the same thing. If you follow the trend, will you get better results than others? Obviously, it is not possible, you can only get better results if you find another way. For example, everyone else is doing a monthly card. This is a long-term promotion and must be used for reference. However, don't follow the trend such as price reduction and promotion. In the long run, vicious competition will be formed. Every operator will not make much money. The survival of the entire amusement park amusement equipment Royal carriage is worrying. It can be combined with nearby shopping malls and supermarkets. It is advisable for amusement parks to do some monthly cards to send shopping cards. Shopping malls and supermarkets can do some activities such as sending amusement parks monthly cards or sub-cards when shopping is full.
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