Six small ATV cars on Handan square in Hebei earn 1600 a day, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-15
For the operators of outdoor square amusement equipment, this is a great business opportunity. The new ATV has become the new favorite of the square. The electric simulation ATV looks very atmospheric, with cool shapes, lights and music, especially loved by children, the square Electric Beach car is suitable for children of all ages to play, you can take an adult and a child, operate the square Electric Beach car, because the rent is cheap, the area is small, no storefront, the investment is small, the income is fast, and it is a cash business. There is no debt, and the economic benefits are very good. Therefore, many people start to invest in the Square amusement business. The Small Business of the beach car: friends who like to travel know, traveling to the seaside tourist area, in addition to enjoying the excitement and fun of sea surfing, driving a beach car on the beach is different from driving on the ordinary road. It is also the best entertainment experience for tourism. A beach car, generally not about 6000 yuan, can be bought back, you can provide tourists with entertainment on the beach in the tourist area, 50-an hour-RMB 100. In the peak season, it is easy to earn 1000 yuan a day.
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