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by:SKP     2020-01-26
Inflatable Castle is an inflatable amusement equipment with a castle shape. It is made of environmentally friendly and soft materials and is provided for children's amusement. Because of its cute and unique shape, it is deeply loved by children. Also known as: Inflatable Castle, children's Castle, inflatable trampoline, etc. The large inflatable castle amusement park is a new generation of entertainment facilities. It is designed according to the characteristics of children. It contains slides, various animal shapes and rich entertainment items, which are deeply loved by children. It is safe, comprehensive, ornamental, novel, bright in color and durable. It is made of super waterproof cloth through scientific three-dimensional combination. It is a highly comprehensive entertainment paradise. The player achieves the purpose of developing intelligence, exercising and pleasing the body and mind through novel activities such as turning, rolling, climbing, shaking, shaking, jumping and drilling. This product is popular with buyers because of its randomness and unpowered device. It is safe and reliable, easy to manage and easy to maintain. (1) Large inflatable toys and small inflatable toy fabric thickness 0. 65mm (500D)The slide and the upper part of the slope are 0. 65mm (1000D)Cloth, bottom thickness is 0. 55mm (500D). The height of the air cushion is 60 cm, the height of the guardrail is 80 cm, and the width of the guardrail is 27-30 cm. The slide and shape design are rounded corners. Sewing with upper and lower reinforcement structures in places that are easy to break. The material is the national unified pvc mesh cloth, and the test results of the quality supervision bureau show that this material is one of the designated materials for amusement equipment that is nontoxic, tasteless and completely green. (2) This material is a professional inflatable cloth with good cold resistance and can reach minus 40 degrees; Good flame retardancy. PVC is the abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride material. It is a material made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of anti-aging agent, modifier, etc. through mixing, calendering, vacuum plastic absorption and other processes. It can be used for about eight to 100,000 person-times. I. INTRODUCTION to inflatable castle inflatable air mold is a children's favorite amusement toy designed according to children's characteristics, A children's entertainment center with functions such as amusement, sports, puzzle and fitness formed by scientific three-dimensional combination. It can be said that it is a new and comprehensive children's paradise, which is designed for children's nature such as drilling, climbing, sliding, rolling, shaking, swinging, jumping and shaking. Inflatable air molds are divided into many types, with various styles and specifications. The company will make them according to customer needs; There are many types for customers to choose from: Disney castle, naughty cat, Peacock Park, football stadium, Golden Dragon Park, Animal Park, maze, Panda Castle, Magic Castle, etc. The inflatable castle is not limited by the venue. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors or in irregular venues. It is easy to manage, unpowered and easy to maintain. Children can cultivate independent personality, exercise, and brain and intelligence while playing. Inflatable air molds are not limited by the site. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors or in irregular sites. They are easy to manage, unpowered and easy to maintain. At the same time, it has the characteristics of randomness, no power, interactivity and safety. Randomness refers to that it is not limited by the site, and can be installed indoors, outdoors or in irregular sites; Unpowered means that the inflatable air model can be operated without any power device, which virtually saves the operating cost, at the same time, it also ensures the safety of tourists and is also a popular factor among buyers. Second, inflatable castle materials are coated with imported PVC, with high tensile strength, strong tear strength, good adhesion and cold resistance- 30 degrees, heat resistance 65 degrees, greatly improving its service life. Third, the inflatable castle installation 1. Installation of inflatable air mold: 1 Place the inflatable air mold on a flat ground, preferably with a pad cloth (Such as felt, plastic striped cloth), And then expand it. 2 find the air inlet of the inflatable air mold, connect it with the air outlet of the fan, tie the fan Port tightly, and then tie the spare air inlet with a rope. 3 Turn on the blower, the equipment is in 5-It will bulge in 10 minutes. 2. Installation of supporting fans: 1. Select national standard 1. 5mm2- 4 mm2 the cable is connected to the fan for several meters, and the other end is connected to the air switch, and the electric shock protector is connected. 2 before using, check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the nameplate and whether the rotation direction is correct. 3 The casing should be connected to a reliable ground wire and checked regularly. The air inlet of the fan should be pressed to the protective net to avoid accidents. 3. Cleaning Collection of inflatable air mold: 1 cut off the power supply, turn on the fan interface and exhaust port, and the exhaust time is generally 10-25 minutes, the remaining gas should be squeezed. If the equipment is flooded due to rainy days, be sure to drain the water and dry it for cleaning. Use washing powder to wipe off the stains and oil stains, then scrub them with clear water and dry them in the sun. 3 fold the equipment, block the front with the bottom surface, and cover it with a tarpaulin. If it is not used for a long time, fold, bundle and pack the clean equipment. The storage temperature is generally-50 ~ 40 degrees Celsius is appropriate. 5 fans should pay attention to moisture and corrosion. Air model equipment should pay attention to anti-rat insect bite.
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