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by:SKP     2020-03-08
At present, most people like to consult the price of amusement equipment on the internet. I find that customers who come to ask for the price have a problem, that is, they ask how the price is when they come up, which is not related to other problems at all. As I personally think, the choice of amusement equipment should not only be considered from the price, but also from the manufacturer. If you plan to invest in children's amusement parks, it is suggested to visit more well-known amusement parks in China and amusement parks with good reputation nearby before consulting, so that when consulting manufacturers, there is a bottom in my heart.     In fact, to buy children's amusement equipment, we should not only look at how cheap the price of the products is, we should pay more attention to quality, and only reliable quality products will bring us a steady stream of wealth. For example, there is a lot of traffic every day so that you can make a lot of money. If the equipment is shut down at a critical moment due to quality problems, then the loss will be far greater than the money saved from the purchase of the equipment. On the other hand, we should consider the psychological characteristics of all people. We should not only define the riding objects of amusement equipment as children. In fact, adults and some elderly people are also the objects we attract, because they will consider that the amusement equipment in the playground is safe for the children, and then decide whether to bring the children to play. Therefore, when selecting products, we should not only attract people in color and shape, but also make the whole playground beneficial to children's physical and mental health, so that parents can safely bring children to play.     When purchasing children's amusement equipment, it is necessary to check whether all the procedures of the manufacturer are complete. Now the inspection of children's amusement equipment by the state is getting stronger and stronger, especially for amusement equipment placed in squares, parks, supermarkets and other places. If the procedures are not complete, it may be a temporary benefit, but it is not a long-term solution. To purchase products, it depends on whether the accessories used in the products are produced by regular manufacturers and whether the overall design is reasonable. Control inferior products at the source, so that the products will be more secure when operating.     With the increasing domestic children's consumption market, children's theme parks are growing with the index level. Due to the lack of sufficient capital investment and sufficient market guidance, the overall quality of children's parks is not high, and each Park is basically the same, this has led to fierce market competition. Investors often complain that they can't make money. In view of this situation, from the three aspects of safety, quality and interaction, and in combination with the different characteristics of various amusement equipment at present, with the management experience of children's amusement park, to tell customers about the optimization direction of their children's paradise.     First, the safety of amusement equipment  The safety of amusement equipment is the basis for the success or failure of any children's paradise, especially the safety demand of children's paradise is more urgent. Whether a children's park can survive, or whether parents and children will go to your children's park, whether the amusement equipment is safe is the primary criterion. Only through strict design, rigorous technical review, rigorous bidding, careful selection of suppliers, precise manufacturing and final inspection, can the safety quality be improved in all aspects, only by ensuring the safety of amusement equipment can the children's paradise project have sustained vitality.     Second, the quality of amusement equipment  The outstanding quality of amusement equipment determines the competitiveness of a children's paradise. On the premise of ensuring safety, through the integration of external resources and their own innovation, we should also know more about the customers who purchase equipment. Only in this way can we customize the corresponding amusement items according to the theme, only in this way can we create a children's paradise with unique quality and its own characteristics, thus effectively enhancing the attraction and influence of the Paradise.     Third, the interaction of amusement equipment  With the rapid development of the amusement equipment industry, the demand of modern children for amusement equipment can no longer meet them. It used to be a passive experience, now they need more active participation, richer interaction and more realistic experience, which is why the interactivity of amusement equipment becomes the essence of the attraction of children's parks. Through the interaction between tourists and multimedia, the combination of machinery and multimedia, the interaction between equipment and equipment and other forms of interaction, it can greatly enrich the participation of tourists, which will effectively enhance the core competitiveness of children's paradise. This news comes from SKP company amusement Xiaonan 15093186533
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