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by:SKP     2020-03-07
  1. Highlight the unique characteristics of your playground equipment, so that tourists have the feeling of 'Shine at the moment' and think that this playground has a good environment and can come here for sightseeing for a long time. Operators should focus on tourists, so that tourists think that they come here to enjoy life, so first of all, health and the environment are very important.     2, pay attention to the layout and adjustment of equipment, site equipment adjustment, including equipment partition, to overhaul the equipment anytime and anywhere, that is to say, technicians in the daily tour work, often check some points with high equipment failure rate.     3. Some candies or small gifts can be arranged. After the children have fun and the parents pay for them, they can be used as gifts or souvenirs, or increase the preferential treatment to gain the goodwill of the parents, at the same time attract children to extend the game time.     4. The choice of playground equipment: it is very important to choose some creative playground equipment. Good equipment can not only improve children's curiosity but also increase the popularity of the playground.     5. Do not increase the maintenance cost and time of amusement park equipment. It is very important to carry out daily maintenance of the machine, which can solve the problems affecting the performance of the equipment in time, it is the most effective measure to ensure the normal operation of the machine. At the same time, it is also a very important link to do a good job in supervision and management. In the equipment maintenance work, we must do the following: there are arrangements for work, inspections, inspections, assessments, rewards and punishments, rules, and violations, so that the target is in place. According to the relevant revenue and equipment data to evaluate the operation of the equipment, decisively decided to increase or decrease the equipment, and proposed a proposal.
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