Small indoor children's park management skills- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-21
Although the area of some children's parks is not large, they have advantages in floor height, and this advantage in floor height can make up for the shortage in area. When encountering this kind of playground, the designer will give full play to the advantage of floor height in the early planning and design, and design an indoor children's playground with two or three layers. In this way, even a 60-square-meter site can achieve the effect of 120 square meters, and the limited space is naturally multiplied. In addition, compared with the indoor children's paradise in a Ma Pingchuan, this indoor children's paradise with a double-layer or three-layer structure is sometimes more mysterious and irritating, giving people a kind of experience of winding paths, it can arouse children's curiosity and adventurous spirit. There are many kinds of amusement items, among which there are some amusement equipment with small size and strong playability. The small children's paradise is originally small in area, so it is naturally a better choice to purchase amusement equipment with small size and strong playability. When choosing small-sized amusement equipment, we must pay attention to Playability. Amusement equipment with poor playability not only cannot save space, but also wastes limited space. Amusement equipment that can be played by many people is also a good choice for small venues, such as ocean ball pools and sand pools. It can not only effectively prevent children from competing for toys during the play, but also increase the capacity of passengers. Most of the time, children like to make friends and play together. This kind of amusement project for many people can also create a particularly lively amusement atmosphere, it can also stimulate children's fun.
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