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by:SKP     2020-02-22
At present, whether it is a square or an amusement park, there are all kinds of toy cars, and inflatable castles are also of various styles, which are very popular with children. Every Saturday, day or holiday is crowded with people, so the square, the business of the amusement park is quite popular, attracting the investment of many operators, with low investment and high return, no risk, convenient management, simple and easy operation, and the service targets are all children or students, making money faster than going to work, it is an ideal investment channel for many young people. The steel frame bungee jumping equipment produced by the company is the most popular and fashionable equipment for children's health and entertainment. The biggest characteristic of children's bungee jumping bed is its interesting, thrilling and exciting features. It covers a small area, is convenient to use, does not need electricity, is not limited by the site, and can be used in parks, squares, shopping malls, indoor and outdoor. Before each operation, check the safety rope, elastic rope, welding of steel frame and other places. If there is any fracture, replace and repair it in time. Safety is the most important. The installation and removal are convenient and flexible, the installation is firm, the folding can be folded, and the transportation is convenient. When playing steel frame bungee jumping, children can fly freely in the air, bounce, and all kinds of stunts can be completed. They can not only exercise, but also exercise courage, and can also do 360 degrees in the air, turning back and forth at 720 degrees is a good exercise for children's overall tonality and control. It is one of the best amusement equipment to improve children's comprehensive quality. Once launched, it was well received, not only bringing joy to tourists, but also bringing rich benefits to operators. Precautions for steel frame bungee jumping 1. The elastic rope safety belt and other accessories of the bungee jumping bed should be checked regularly. If any problem is found, please replace it in time. 2. For the safety of you and others, only children weighing less than 40 kg can play. 3. 2- A 5-year-old child can use an elastic rope on each side; 5- A 10-year-old child with a normal weight can use two elastic ropes on each side. Therefore, the number of elastic ropes used is adjusted according to the player's weight.
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