South Korea's Lego theme park officially opened on 2020 to welcome guests-Industry information- Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-19
South Korea's Lego theme park officially opened on 2020. Recently, Merlin Entertainment Group ( Merlin Entertainments) Confirmed a cooperation agreement with the Gangwon provincial government of South Korea to build a Lego theme park (LEGOLAND Park)It is expected to open in 2020. The Lego theme park in South Korea is planned to be located in kawaka Island, Gangwon Province. It is about an hour's drive from East Seoul, and there are nearly 24 million residents within a 2-hour drive. The whole project also includes the construction of a fully themed Lego hotel, creating 1,600 jobs and is expected to promote the economic development of Gangwon province and its surrounding areas. Unpowered amusement Equipment, Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment Co. , Ltd group. The total cost of the project is expected to reach 1. 7 billion RMB and will be fully held and operated by Merlin Entertainment. It is reported that after the opening of the Lego theme park in New York in 2020, the Lego theme park in Korea will be the tenth Lego theme park under Merlin Entertainment. In addition, the group is also negotiating with third parties, planning to open a number of Lego theme parks in China, and is expected to open 20 parks around the world. (The above content is taken from you Lezhi)
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