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by:SKP     2020-03-02
In August 2018, the company's new royal carriage battery car was grandly listed. Since the establishment of the company in 2006, the company has been committed to the production and research and development of Square amusement equipment, with their own dedication and efforts to provide safe, stable and quality products for the Plaza amusement operators, so that customers can earn money at ease. As a 2018 new product, the royal carriage is equipped with 4 20 ultra-high batteries and 500 watt brushless motors, providing customers with longer operating time and strong power support. There are 4 anti-collision radars in front and back, which provide better security whether forward or backward. The body lamp adopts colorful neon lights and mushroom lamp balls, and the color changes are more changeable and the color is more beautiful. It has become a beautiful scenery at night, whether in the pedestrian street or in the 500-watt brushless motor, providing powerful power for the car. With a load of 150, a family of four can play together. It is the real parent-child double play equipment. This kind of money is not easy, is it a lot easier. Specialized Technical after-sales team to provide you with perfect after-sales protection. The change of consumption structure more consumers are willing to put more energy and money into their children to give them a happy and beautiful childhood. The development of urbanization limits children's activity space to a certain extent. More children want to go out of the community and go to more squares to play to satisfy their curiosity. Parents accompany their children for time and hope that their children will have fun and fun. The square amusement equipment is very good to meet the needs of children and parents. Better Parent-child activities for children and parents. The Royal dream carriage has been launching orders in recent months, with few after-sales, good customer response and high repurchase rate. We can say that it is the only manufacturer that can achieve high quality and low price for domestic cars with the same configuration, like the customer can click on the image below to see the video of the Royal dream carriage
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