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by:SKP     2020-03-02
Three, Dolphin Beibei bumper car sea times amusement dolphin Beibei bumper car product parameters product name dolphin Beibei start mode remote control start, key start shell material rotational plastic touch-resistant shell speed 6- 12-yard appearance size 1690*790*1540 packing size 1700*800*1550 motor power 250W brushless motor battery parameter 20A * 2 rated load 160 vehicle weight 70kg battery life 6 hours charging time 8- 10-hour matching lantern LED horse racing Flash MP3 music SD card/TF card shopping instructions: 1. The company's products are produced by its own factory, quality assurance, pictures have the original picture, like the customer to see the style can contact: see the goods, to ensure product details, product quality. Our factory has very strict requirements on product quality. Before each shipment, we must pass the inspection and debug various details to ensure that the products are correct before shipment. 2. Because the product is a large object freight, the difference between the locations is large. In order to avoid damage during transportation, the packaging is reinforced. The cost is based on the size of the goods and the transportation distance, if there is a need, you can pay in advance. The freight requirements are strict. Please sign for it in front of the logistics personnel to see if it is damaged. The objects are large. Please refuse to sign for it because the logistics company is damaged during transportation. Australian monitor lizard bumper car: Weight: 60kg load: 150kg motor power: 24 V, 350 W (Brushless) Battery: 32A * 2 Chaowei brake: loose feet stop color: red, yellow, blue, green, tire: explosion-proof solid wheel speed: 1 ~ 20 km/h adjustable lantern: full car colorful light starting mode: no delay, soft start Guangzhou Haibei Amusement Equipment Co. , Ltd. is a professional children's amusement equipment manufacturer integrating research and development, production and sales. Main sales: Square Music car, bumper car, square battery future chariot, Prince motorcycle, royal carriage, Benz police car, armored chariot, Carousel amusement equipment manufacturers, rotating aircraft, adult amusement facilities. With credibility, children's amusement equipment dealers, customers first, adhere to quality-oriented! The business philosophy of comparing heart to heart. To provide considerate service to our customers, please believe our strength and your feelings. You are welcome to visit our company at any time! Although the rescue of high-altitude swivel chairs, such as amusement equipment, which is bound to be dangerous, causes tourists to 'cry' and even casualties. However, there are still many tourists who are not happy with this kind of sex. The effect of probability is still possible. Because first of all, the new amusement equipment can easily attract more tourists to pay attention and play due to its novel shape, while for tourists who have not played, will also be willing to try to feel the new amusement equipment
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