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by:SKP     2020-03-04
Guangzhou SKP company's amusement equipment specializes in research, development and production of square children's amusement equipment. The main company strives for survival through quality and development through service! Products sell well all over the country! Square off-road ATV is also called all-terrain four-wheel off-road locomotive. The square bull electric Beach car can be driven on any terrain and can walk freely on the terrain where ordinary vehicles are difficult to maneuver. The vehicle is simple and practical, with good off-road performance and generally no canopy in appearance. In fact, it is difficult for us to express it in simple language names; According to its appearance, it has always been called [Beach car]. On soft sand, ATV's wide tires increase the contact area with the ground to generate greater friction, and with unique tread, the tires are not easy to idle and slip, but easy to drive on the sand. Good quality and excellent performance, not only can drive on the beach; Very bad deserts can be easily overcome. The function of the carrier is fully exerted. . . . . It is an all-round action tool. It is an excellent means of transportation. It chooses dry and flat asphalt pavement or cement pavement without longitudinal and transverse slopes. It is suitable for places with large crowds such as squares, parks and playgrounds. The speed is extremely fast, it belongs to the 'sports car' in the recreational vehicle, which is a classic. Click the following figure small ATV video
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