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by:SKP     2020-03-01
Square amusement is the world of children's bumper cars, with flexible operation, small investment and fast money. Many operators are optimistic about this project, and the styles are also varied. It is updated every year. It can be said that you sing and I will debut. This year, those styles will be popular, which is a concern of many operators, do you make money by running battery bumper cars in the square? How much can I earn in a month? Many people who plan to do this business will have such questions. The funds needed to operate the battery bumper car in the square are divided into two parts, one is the cost of purchasing the bumper car, and the other is the cost of renting the venue. However, there are some special cases of renting a place. In large cities, because of the high utilization rate of the place, many squares are not allowed to operate on the spot, while in third-and fourth-tier cities or some county towns, it is allowed, this part of the cost can be saved, or as long as a small amount of money can be rented. Next, I will share a case of a customer in Luoyang, guangzhou. I bought 6 bumper cars for the first time. In an instant, it's almost a year. My bumper car business is also booming and my business scale is expanding, the number of 6 bumper cars purchased for the first time has increased to 12. In less than a year, this bumper car playground has earned almost 100 thousand yuan. Today's harvest I also want to thank Haibei amusement for creating me a lot of wealth.
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