Square electric bumper car which car has a large load to attract children, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-01
The new Luminous bumper car in the square has a high popularity and attracts many children's play. It has a cool appearance and is really domineering, the bumper cars produced by our manufacturers are all made of brand-new thickened rubber-coated glass fiber reinforced plastic shells, and internally we design Double batteries and standby time factories, there are some problems that parents need to consider when children play children's bumper cars with longer endurance. Square bumper cars are a kind of amusement equipment that adults and children all like, which is more exciting, fun and relatively safe. They can also fight together, therefore, it is especially attractive to children, but children also need to pay attention to some problems when playing bumper cars: first, timing: choose a good time to play.     Summer vacations and weekends are definitely full of amusement parks, so parents have time to avoid them as much as possible. First, in order to save waiting time in line, second, try to avoid peak hours and try not to get together when playing bumper cars, how much is an airplane bumper car? It is better to have fewer people. It will not be too intense. How much is an Audi bumper car to reduce the possibility of danger. Second, safety considerations: avoid letting children play battery bumper cars alone  Children playing children's bumper cars should be accompanied by adults, and safety measures should be taken to avoid accidents such as frontal collisions and avoid accidental injuries to the baby. When the baby is tired, pay attention to rest and don't play for too long. Third, emotional care: Discuss with your child in advance  Some children play for the first time, just watching others play is fun, do not know the actual experience of the collision feeling, parents must communicate with the child in advance, explain to the child the actual situation after getting on the bus, so as not to scare the child after getting on the bus. The child is really afraid that he can't let him play the bumper car in the square, so as to avoid excessive emotional excitement. Children's battery bumper car is currently a relatively hot project, the cost of investment is relatively low, and the income is relatively optimistic. Its investment is less, the income is fast, and the play is strong. It is a very popular amusement project.
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