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by:SKP     2020-03-03
I. Royal carriage 1. Product appearance (1) , Product size: 220*100*110 (cm)(2), Product color: red, blue (3), Product material: thickened glass fiber reinforced plastic (4), Product packaging: baking process, will not drop paint; (5) , Product load: 200kg2, product configuration (1), Motor: 500W motor (2), Battery: Standard 20A super power battery 4; (3) , Controller: three generations of liquid crystal 500W controller 3, Mechanical Overview (1), Hardware: thickened glass fiber reinforced plastic (2), Electric welding: full welding (3)Wheel: solid wheel (4) The starting mode of the motor: Key switch or remote control switch; (5), Accessories: mushroom lights, anti-collision strips, etc (6), Lighting: mushroom lamp 4, Product Software :(1), Operation mode: Key switch-Sound switch. (2)How to use the controller :(3) How to set time, music and speed: Remote control settings or control panel settings. 5, Product Highlights: a, European and American royal carriage shape, colorful, eye-catching; B, high reflection neon colorful lights, dazzling at night, deeply loved by children. C, you can download and replace pop music by yourself, the sound is crisp and sweet, attracting children's eyes; D, the load-bearing limit of the car can reach 450, can sit 2 adults and 2 children; E, four 20A super-durable batteries, so that your car can last longer for one day without charging; F. The front and back of the car are equipped with radar, which has anti-collision function. It is safer to stop automatically when encountering obstacles.
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