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by:SKP     2020-03-03
Car bumper car function: forward, backward, adjustable speed, timing, lighting, music can be changed, motor belt drive, key remote control double control, electronic brake. Configuration: Third generation controller, 20A * 2 battery, 24 v 250W brushless motor, Motor Wheel, wear-resistant solid wheel, equipped with ground light and rubber anti-collision strip. Size: 135*110*75 material: the body is thickened engineering plastic, thickened national standard steel pipe selling point: three generations of LCD screen, can clearly see the electricity consumption, easy to operate. Forward and backward 360-degree rotation is super interesting, stereo 3-dimensional sound effect, bright body color, cool lighting at night, attracting attention and creating amazing visual experience. You can sit on an adult and a child, have a seat belt, and have a rubber anti-collision strip for a week, which is safe and secure. Using brushless large motor, mute, long motor life, long standby time, double steering wheel design, electronic pedal brake, safe and secure. Moreover, the car bumper car can be equipped with a fan, and any outer cover can be equipped. More than 200 covers are available for selection. They are rich in shape and colorful, and are deeply loved by children. Manual sewing, fine workmanship, must be fine.
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