Standards for children's play equipment- Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment

by:SKP     2020-01-23
1. Protection whether adults or parents take their children on amusement equipment, everyone thinks that there is no problem in the first place. Children are in disrepair and rusty children's amusement equipment. No adults can ride them. They will not rest assured that children take such a big risk. 2. If the playable children's amusement equipment cannot attract tourists with gorgeous appearance and exquisite play, the children's amusement equipment manufacturers cannot be regarded as popular products. Everyone is thinking about a kind of amusement equipment. If adults and children see that they are not interested in playing, or they are not interested in playing several times, then this kind of equipment is not popular 3. Reasonable fees for children's amusement equipment operators should thoroughly investigate the market, understand the consumption level of the region and the charging standards for other children's amusement equipment, and then formulate their own reasonable charging standards to achieve profitability. Too high a fee will deter players, while low fees will lead to vicious competition among peers. What are the common naughty Fort climbing equipment?
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