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by:SKP     2020-01-27
The brand-new amusement equipment products come from professional amusement equipment factory manufacturers-Guangzhou Haibei amusement equipment factory. Our company integrates the development, design, sales, sales and installation of new amusement equipment, with good product quality, excellent product performance, gorgeous product appearance and interesting sports forms, it has attracted the love of consumers. Welcome all users to visit and inspect our company. Product description: the steel frame is welded with thickened steel pipes specially used for bungee jumping equipment. The design is reasonable and the installation and disassembly are simple and convenient; The mesh surface of the product is made of American materials, which is sun-resistant, rain-resistant, anti-aging, non-slip, and increased pressure, which is three times the normal life. During the use of steel frame bungee jumping products, if there is any doubt about the quality of the products, the company personnel will handle and solve it for you in time until you are at ease. To eliminate worries (zero distance) product features: 1. No need to use electricity, it can be operated and used anytime and anywhere; 2. The investment is extremely low, and anyone can afford it; 3. The height is. The feeling is the same as that of large bungee jumping. 4. Disassembly and assembly are very simple, and transportation does not take up space (Assembly within 10 minutes is enough to complete) 5, a variety of stunts can be completed, not only can exercise, but also exercise the courage, more than 6, easy to operate and make money, more than five can form a bungee Park. Friendly reminder 1 bungee jumping bed can only be used in parks, leisure squares, pedestrian streets and other places without traffic. The trampoline is suitable for 1 to 10 years old (Weight does not exceed 50 kg) Children under the age of 3 must fasten their seat belts and play under the supervision of adults when playing trampoline. Operators must carefully check whether the safety belt is fastened and whether the rope is fixed before each operation. Only then can children play. Always check whether all kinds of parts on the bungee jumping bed are loose or damaged, and replace them in time if found damaged. 6 often wipe the trampoline with a dry cloth from time to time to keep it clean and hygienic.
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