Summer is coming, amusement equipment must pay attention to this problem, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-14
Summer is the season of breeding bacteria. Amusement parks are places where children gather. Parents have always been concerned about the health and safety of amusement parks. Generally speaking, in the children's entertainment facilities area, the number of play is relatively large, the children's screening ability is weak, and sometimes they don't know that the children's entertainment facilities are dirty, some children's entertainment facilities may be unconsciously stuffed into the mouth, and even the immovable parts have certain health problems, it is not hygienic to do other things after the usual touch. So how to do a good job in the summer playground? First, establish a system to keep the site clean and regularly clean. Clean and disinfect every day and clean up once a month. Second, the equipment should be cleaned and disinfected once a week to keep it clean and tidy. Third, set up garbage bins at fixed locations, and regularly disinfect and clean. Fourth, go to work in the field to turn on the power normally, turn off all electrical equipment after work. I hope that everyone will not ignore the most important health problems while doing business, and give children a healthy world ~
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