Summer outdoor water park business is hot, how to maintain the pool? , Industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-03-14
Summer Water Park has always been a hot topic. Now the basic Bath center will be equipped with one set, and the resort will also be equipped with one set to attract a large number of customers. Due to the hot summer weather, it is very unsafe and unsanitary to go swimming by the river, but there is no such thing as a water park. First, the water park is surrounded by water almost every day. Second, the water in the pool is not too deep and clear, it is very safe, so it can attract a large number of customers to take a bath and cool off. 1. Maintenance methods water park equipment, as its name implies, is closely related to water. Even many equipment are soaked in water all the year round, which inevitably leads to corrosion and rust. If the material is corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant equipment, it can relieve the rust time to a certain extent, but there will still be similar situations over time. This requires users to do a good job of daily, monthly and annual maintenance, check the equipment from time to time, and paint and paint in time if there is corrosion and rust, which not only ensures the beauty of the water park equipment, it can also prevent machine damage caused by corruption. 2. Maintenance methods regular maintenance is the premise of preventing safety accidents. Water park equipment should regularly check for potential safety hazards and repair the equipment irregularly to see if the interface is loose, whether the operation is flexible or not, and oil lubrication is not flexible and timely. If there is any equipment damage, it should be sent to a professional water park equipment maintenance station for maintenance in time, and it should not be caused by small losses. For the peak period of tourists such as holidays, it is necessary to do a good job of inspection in the early stage, and re-check after the peak period. After the use of a large number of people, the water park equipment must have certain damage, so prepare for the next run
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