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by:SKP     2020-03-14
There are two types of traditional children's parks: one is outdoor children's parks, and the other is indoor children's parks. Outdoor parks are relatively large in scale and some are set in parks or amusement parks. The theme orientation is clear, and the selection and equipment of project facilities are mainly aimed at teenagers and young people. In order to achieve the basic purpose of the profit of the park itself, it is difficult to distinguish this project from the age level of the target group of service types in the selection and matching of equipment and facilities, it is often a standard for all ages. This type of outdoor children's paradise has different project quality due to different theme positioning and investment scale, and there is no unified model and standard. Basically, children's amusement equipment and implementation are taken as the main attraction points, and supporting thematic landscape design is taken as the basic means of marketing and publicity. In order to maximize profits, this kind of paradise cannot be completely locked at the level of children in terms of equipment and facilities. In fact, it is not a real children's paradise. It is a traditional amusement park.
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