The 'Ant World' naughty Castle created by iPlayCO appeared in South Korea! -Industry information-Smart Playground

by:SKP     2020-01-25
The 'Ant World' naughty Castle created by iPlayCO appeared in South Korea! According to reports, the 'ant world' family entertainment center built by iPlayCO, an internationally renowned children's naughty Castle manufacturer, has been located at the Park Park Hotel in Seoul ( Vivaldi Park Hotel)Opening inside. The facilities in the center include slides, remote control car competitions, cafes and various naughty Castle combinations. Children seem to 'shrink' into the magical Ant Kingdom and reap happiness in exploration. Naughty Castle factory, Guangzhou Smart Playground Equipment Co. It is reported that 'Ant World' is the first multi-functional naughty Castle in South Korea. From the conception of ideas, to the planning of blueprints, design roles, to the installation of facilities, iPlayCO provides one-stop service for Baiwan Land Park. In addition, the five-star resort where the park is located has also opened the country's most popular ski world, golf club, VR experience hall, indoor kart yard, ocean world water park, bowling hall, cinema, game console and billiard room. project. In addition, the resort also provides free shuttle buses to allow residents of surrounding cities to come freely. (The above content is taken from you Lezhi)
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