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by:SKP     2020-01-26
Source of benefits of outdoor activities for children: Guangzhou SKP company Play time: 2016-01- 18 11:22 browse number: 502 A well-known professor received an unexpected 'anonymous call' during the holiday '.     There was a tender, hesitating voice from the other end of the phone: '. . . . . . Old uncle. . . . . . I think. . . . . . I want to talk to you. . . . . . Okay? '  It turned out that it was a first-grade primary school student who was locked up at home. After the holiday, he stayed at home alone. When he was so lonely and bored, he called in at random.     The child revealed a lot of 'little secrets' on the phone '; The final exam is the first in the class; I really want to come out to play, but my parents don't agree, I can't come out; You can only do your homework during the day or be with TV. . . . . .     Another little girl was skating on the Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. When someone asked her, her answer was naive and straightforward: We can't just stay at home, we must have a place for us to play?     Yes, today's children need outdoor activities. Parents should also realize that outdoor activities are good for children's physical and mental development.     Outdoor activities are activities accompanied by sunshine and fresh air, in the form of individuals or groups, using the whole body senses to participate. For example, taking a ball with a child, roller skating, 'building a house', jumping a rubber band, playing with water and playing with sand, not only satisfies the child's nature of playing, but also increases their intimacy with nature.     Therefore, first, outdoor activities are the best way for children to get close to sunshine and air and nature, and are also an effective means to exercise their healthy body and optimistic attitude towards life.     Second, outdoor activities can satisfy the nature of children's active and inquiry. In outdoor activities, the restrictions on children are greatly reduced. They are active participants in activities in more cases, so they can give full play to their imagination, practical ability and creativity.     Third, outdoor activities can improve children's social development. Outdoor activities often need to be carried out with children. Even simple game activities have many rules. For example, when several children slide together, there is a problem of order; If you build blocks or play football together, there will be problems of cooperation and cooperation. It can be said that outdoor activities provide a broad space for children to solve daily life problems and accumulate norms for people. Children often accumulate experience from games and migrate to their daily life in the future.
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