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by:SKP     2020-01-30
Of course it doesn't matter, because it is generally falling. Who hasn't had a bump in life? After all, Ding Dang has always been falling and falling . . . . . . I am used to falling. Although it is not disgraceful to fall, it will always leave a piece of Wuqing, then the problem comes: even if the average person is slightly injured, 'a piece of purple and a piece of purple', it will not be long before it will be good (Except for intestines). But some people, like 'porcelain dolls', gently touch Wu Qing, even quietly Wu Qing . . . . . . That may cause big problems. This is not what Ding Dang said, but what the doctor said. If you don't believe it, you can listen to it. When you touch it, Wu Qing, why is it so 'brittle 」? Wu Qing just looks black and blue. In fact, the blood vessels are broken but the skin is not broken. The blood cells run under the skin. Normal people have a very precise and complicated hemostasis system, which constitutes the body's 'emergency defense system': blood vessels: the blood vessels of the human body are like river banks, and blood is like river water. The river bank is strong and the water can't run out. Platelets: platelets are like bricks. When blood vessels rupture, they quickly gather at the gap to block loopholes. Coagulation factors: coagulation factors are like cement. They can tightly adhere platelets together to build a hard Dam to avoid bleeding. Under normal circumstances, the body will start this 'emergency defense system' when it is injured, so it will not produce too much blood. If the damage is large, the emergency defense system will not have time to fully stop bleeding, and part of the blood in the blood vessels will enter our subcutaneous tissue. This kind of subcutaneous hemorrhage becomes the Wuqing we see. Therefore, for normal people, only when the collision force is strong enough to cause sufficient damage to capillaries will Wuqing appear. What should I do if I touch Wu Qing? Although many TV plays will take symptoms such as Wu Qing and nosebleeds as the introduction of incurable diseases, the probability of this kind of situation happening in real life is really very low. When you find Wu Qing, you can judge whether to go to the hospital or not through these four steps: Memory: whether there has been any collision; Recall again: whether there is frequent occurrence of Wuqing phenomenon in the near future, whether to take special drugs; Observation: the size, shape, location, distribution and other characteristics of Wuqing; Re-observation: in addition to Wu Qing, whether there are other symptoms of discomfort. If in the process of observation, you find that in addition to Wu Qing, there are the following situations, you must be vigilant and go to the hospital in time: short time, many parts, large range: multiple Wu Qing in a short time, or the scope of Wuqing is gradually expanding and difficult to absorb; Accompanied by other discomfort symptoms: fever, joint pain, skin pruritus, abdominal pain, hematuria, black stool, epistaxis, dizziness, fatigue, yellow skin, etc; When I was a child, I had a family history: when children were young, they suffered from minor injuries and then suffered from large areas of Wuqing or subcutaneous hemorrhage, and the same situation occurred in relatives. Be careful of hemophilia; Long-term consumption of drugs to prevent thrombosis: Many patients with cardiovascular diseases take such drugs, such as aspirin, warfarin, clopidogrel, etc. , and these drugs have certain bleeding risks. If Wu Qing is especially easy to appear during the medication period, it is suggested that the doctor should judge whether adjustment is needed. These three types of people are 'easier to Wu Qing. People with fragile blood vessels will be damaged after slight injury, or they will not be able to close quickly due to poor elasticity. For example, the common vascular purpura in the elderly is caused by the deterioration of vascular elasticity. 2. As we said before, blood vessels are river banks. If the river bank is broken and there is no 'rescue commando' such as platelets in the body, the risk of natural bleeding will increase accordingly. Thrombocytopenic purpura, which is common in young women, is caused by thrombocytopenia. 3. People with coagulation factors have problems. There are many kinds of coagulation factors in the human body, and each has its own duties. The lack of any of these factors will lead to an increased risk of bleeding. The well-known hemophilia is a hereditary coagulation factor deficiency. Patients usually suffer from bleeding after minor injuries at an early age. Wu Qing is not a bad thing, but don't underestimate it. Generally speaking, Wu Qing left by minor injuries will be completely absorbed by the human body in about 2 weeks. If you think the two weeks are too long, you can apply cold compress (Within one day after injury), Later hot compress and other methods to speed up the absorption progress. However, other folk therapies, such as puncture, bloodletting, cupping, etc. , have a lot of risks, do not try. The easy appearance of Wu Qing is a signal, at least it can make us be vigilant and see a doctor in time. Through examination, doctors can generally find the root cause of Wuqing, thus symptomatic treatment and avoiding more serious situations. Therefore, we are not afraid of Wu Qing, but we should not despise it. 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