The choice of bumper cars and the choice of operating venues, industry news-SKP company

by:SKP     2020-02-08
Speaking of amusement park equipment bumper cars, I believe we are all familiar with it. It is a project that adults and children like to play. The exciting gameplay of left-right collision not only makes Tourists enjoy themselves, the effect of high popularity also makes it popular with investors. Generally speaking, correct operation methods and good usage habits can reduce the probability of bumper car failures and improve their service life, thus saving costs. So, how should we choose the right bumper car and install it correctly? First, what problems should be paid attention to when choosing bumper cars? For the playground, if you buy it, you can purchase as many models as possible, thus avoiding the loss of balance due to the collision caused by the large gap between the models. In addition, in the playground equipment, do not put the electric toy car and bumper car on the same site. Generally speaking, the center of gravity of the electric car is relatively high, and it is easy to be knocked down by the bumper car. Second, in the choice of bumper car venues, bumper cars must choose smooth and smooth venues, such as flat cement floors, ceramic tile floors, marble floors, etc. Why should the selection of venues be stipulated? Simply speaking, cracks or intervals on the ground will cause poor riding experience, and may also cause failure or damage of electronic components, it is more likely to cause damage to the frame, breakage of the motor output shaft and breakage of the wheel. However, if the bumper car is rough on the ground, it is easy to cause the wheel to wear out, causing the wheel to be replaced frequently, especially the replacement frequency of the driving wheel will increase accordingly. Not only that, there is no ditch or pool around the site. If there is, comprehensive protective measures are required to avoid damage to vehicles and safety accidents of playground equipment. For investors, the operating area of bumper cars is not as large as possible. The usable area of a single bumper car is not more than 10 square meters, nor less than 5 square meters, there should be special inflatable fences or guardrails on the operating site to prevent pedestrians from entering and colliding with vehicles. Not only that, there should be no sharp metal parts or edges on or around the ground of the bumper car's operating site to prevent the damage of sharp objects to the car body and the damage of anti-collision strips.
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